Pudong Low Oil Compressor

Air Compressor (Piston Type, Air Cooled) – Air compressor is the air source for PET stretch blow molding machine. It compresses air from atmospheric pressure to required pressure. For bottle production process, generally, multi-stage reciprocating type (piston type) air compressor is adopted, which is generally made up of 2-stage or 3-stage cylinders to compress the air to 10~40 bar output pressure step by step according to different requirement. Such compressors are comprised by several key components: the compressor head, the motor, the air tank and so on. The compressor head and the motor are both installed on the plate of the tank. The whole set is easily movable. The compressor head is driven to work by the motor through the V-belt transmission. Passing through the air filter, the air is inhaled into the 1st stage cylinder, where it is compressed to a certain pressure. After being cooled in the intermediate cooler, the compressed air is inhaled into the 2nd stage cylinder and finally compressed to the rated pressure. It enters the air tank via the check valve and ready for use. For PET bottle blow molding, usually 20~30 bar compressed air required (for some large bottle or automatic machine, may up to 40 bar). But to drive the PET stretch blow molding machine, only 8 bar is needed. So two kinds of air compressor to be required: High-pressure one to supply high pressure compressed air to blow bottle and Low-pressure one to supply low pressure compressed air to drive the machine. As KAC series air compressors are piston type machine, compressed air contains some water, oil and dust. But for PET bottle blow molding, purified compressed air (oil-free, water-free, dust-free) is necessary. Thus, an air purifier is necessary.

Design Feature
Automatic Unload Device.
Sucking & Draining Valves
Stainless steel valve made of Sweden Sandvik 7C27M02 steel, critically lathe & grinder machined, stress eliminated, to assure excellent strength and anti-impact under high temperature.
Air Filter
Made of imported materials, with perfect filtering and muffling result, and long service life.
Cylinder Cover
Streamlined air tunnel with excellent cooling result.
Cylinder body machined and grinded by precision CNC to assure durability.
Piston Ring
Adopts Liken Ring (Japan) made of fine material, preventive to scrape on cylinder body, low oil consumption, avoidance to carbon gathering.
Tie Rod
Tie rods machined and holed by special machining tool with guaranteed parallelity, leads to more smooth and stable running of air compressor, and lower consumption of lubricating oil.
Parts wear abrasion adopt wearing-resistant steel with their surface hardened, to assure best wearability. Crank equipped counter weight to lower vibration.
Crank Box
All the orifices and surfaces done in once by one integrated CNC machine to assure parallelity and verticality.
Belt Wheel
Dynamically balanced belt wheel integrated with fan by iron casting leads to perfect flywheel result, low noise, stable running.
Bearing of high performance and long service life made by Sino-US joint-venture.
Cooling Copper Tube
With technical design on high cooling effect, the tube is specially used for reducing temperature.

Model KAC1.2-15 KAC0.63-30 KAC1.0-30 KAC1.2-40
Capacity (m3/min.) 1.2 0.63 1.0 1.2
Max. Pressure (Bar) 15 30 30 40
Number of Cylinder 2 3 3 4
Rated Speed (R.P.M) 800 800 800 800
Full Load Power (Kw) 11 Kw 7.5 Kw 11 kw 15 Kw
Idle Running Power 3 Kw 2 Kw 3 Kw 4 Kw
Dimension (cm, LxWxH) 174x68x138 149x60x116 174x68x139 183x66x142
Weight (Kg) 635 430 640 740

Volume  of Air Tank (L)

370 220 390 420

Model KAC4.0-30 KAC4.9-40
Capacity (m3/min.) 4.0 4.9
Max. Pressure (Bar) 30 40
Number of Cylinder 3 4
Rated Speed (R.P.M) 800 800
Power (Kw) 4×11 4×15
Dimension (cm, LxWxH) 188x182x138 195x195x159
Weight (Kg) 2050 2250

Volume  of Air Tank (L)