Pudong Air Supply

Air Purifier — Air Purifying System As some water, dust and oil in compressed air will defect bottle quality directly and seriously, air purifier is suggested to clean them to certain extent. Air purifier consists of air cooler, air tank, air dryer and filters.

Compressed air cleaned by air purifier can reach:
Water Content: <=0.8g/m3, i.e., -230C dew-point;
Oil Content: <=1ppm;
Diameter of Remainder: <=1um.

If high-efficiency oil filter is equipped, can reach:
Oil Content: <=0.01ppm;
Diameter of Remainder: <=0.01um.

Air Cooler
Air cooler is used for cooling the air from air compressor. It can lower the air temperature to <450C so as to meet the requirement of air dryer. It is installed between air compressor and air tank.

Air Tank
Air tank is used to store compressed air from air cooler, working as a buffering device to reduce pressure fluctuation. It is installed between air cooler and air dryer.

Air Dryer
As you know, dew-point temperature changes with pressure and temperature. Generally, higher pressure or lower temperature leads to lower dew-point temperature. Air dryer right adopts this principle to reduce the water content in the compressed air. Air dryer is connected by one air filter from air tank, and by another air filter to destination machine.

Air Filter
Air filter can remove the moisture, dust particle, oil in the compressed air and make the air clean and dry by intercepting, inertial, diffusing and gravitational effects. Class C filter and class T filter are used in KAP sereis air purifier.

Class C air filter consists of two parts. First part is made of stainless steel web with accuracy 10um, and the 2nd part is made of fiberglass with accuracy 3um. Class C air filter can remove 99% water and 40% oil in the air.
Class T air filter is made of fiberglass, with accuracy 1um. It can remove 100% water and 70% oil in the air.

Both kinds of air filters can work for 8000hours.

Model KAP1-40 KAP2-40 KAP3-40 KAP6-40 KAP10-40
General Capacity (m3/min.) 1.0 2.0 3.0 6.0 10.0
Working Pressure (Bar) <=40 Bar
Circumstance Temperature <=45 0C
Refrigerator R22
Air Cooler Weight (kg) 60 70 80 150 280
Dimension (cm) dia.14×120 dia.16×135 dia.16×160 dia.22×180 dia.28×190
Air Tank Cooling Water Required 0.5 T/h, 3Bar, <=350C 1.0 T/h, 3Bar, <=350C 1.5 T/h, 3Bar, <=350C 2.0 T/h, 3Bar, <=350C 3.0 T/h, 3Bar, <=350C
Volumne (L) 360 360 360 500 1000
Weight (kg) 200 200 200 300 500
Dimension (cm) dia.60×150 dia.60×150 dia.60×150 dia.70×160 dia.80×210
Air Filter Filter Grade C + T C + T C + T C + T C + T
Air Dryer Compressor Power (Hp) 1/3 1 1 2 3
Cooling Fan Power( Kw) 0.09 0.11 0.13 0.25 0.52
Weight (kg) 80 120 130 240 360
Dimension (cm) 70x45x75 83x45x88 83x45x88 125x55x120 140x50x120