Pudong Injection MC

Pudong Injection Molding Machines can deal with general purpose thermoplastics such as PolyEthylene(PE), PolyProplene(PP), PolyVinyl Chloride(PVC), PolyStyrene(PS), Nylon, PolyCarbonate(PC), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymer(ABS), etc.

Specially designed PP series PET injection molding machine meets the processing requirements of PET material at most.

Advantage of PP Series:
A63 Computer with 6 inch LCD, Technation/Taiwan.
Transducer, DEPU/Germany (each one for clamping, injection and ejector).
Hydraulic Valve, VICKERS, YUKEN/Japan, Rexroth/Germany
Hyadraulic Pump, VICKERS/USA.
Hyadraulic motor, Intermot/China
Limit Switch, PAnasonic NAIS.
Proximity Switch, DEPU/Germany.
AC Contractor, TE Schneider.

Advantage of PP-X Series :
Variable hydraulic pump to save energy and lower noise.
Robust box style mold platen by direct iron casting.
Larger mold capacity (opening stroke, mold thickness and space between tie-bars).
Differential injection device and clamping unit (higher speed but lower pressure).
Self-lubricating bushes used in guide rods and tie-bars for smooth running and eliminating the need of external lubrication of machine surfaces and plastic goods.