Pudong NB5G

The 5-gallon (18.9L) water bottle is already common all across the USA in offices and factories. It is becoming increasingly common in Europe, and in areas such as Latin America, where tap water is undrinkable or non-existent, the 5-gallon bottle has found a market in domestic use. The potential for a 3-gallon domestic cooler is now being seriously examined, with the major water companies delivering direct to homes, bypassing supermarket distribution. The market is only waiting for one of the major domestic electrical equipment suppliers to take the first step.

The material used today for the 5-gallon bottle is overwhelmingly polycarbonate (PC). The material is, however, costly – much more so than PET, and hence only refillable bottles are produced. This also applies to PET bottles, which are currently produced principally on single stage machines outputting typically 100 bottles per hour. For the market to evolve at the desired rate for PET higher outputs will certainly be required.

– PET Preform for 5 Gallon PET bottle is 400mm long, and weighs 650~750g.
– Capacity: 25-30 pcs/hour.

Typical Parts:

  • Pneumatic related (Low Pressure), FESTO/Germany;
  • Pneumatic related (High Pressure), FESTO/Germany + SMC/Japan;
  • Controller (with Touch LCD), Inverter, Mitsubishi/Japan;
  • Contactor, Relay, Switch, Schneider/Germany;

Main Features:

  • Circumstance Independent
    NB5G runs stably, whether voltage is 200V or 240V, or whether room temperature is 00C or 400C.
  • Easy Operation
    Minimum parameter settings (through touch LCD), normally only temperature settings should be regulated, no need to play with time settings; Multi-language interfaces;
  • Reliability
    Completely new-concept design, more mechanical & synchronized design to reduce fault to minimum level.
  • Energy-saving
    Air recycling unit to save compressed air 20~25% (for 5 Gallon);
    Reduced heating power;
    Driving is mostly done by motor directly, instead of compressed air.
  • Higher Output
    200% more efficient than traditional one.
  • Fast Mold Changeover
    Adopts Aluminum mold, lighter to be installed or unloaded;
    10 molding data memories to make mold changeover quicker.

    Model NB5G
    General Heater Type Infrared
    Capacity 400BPH: 300g Non-returnable 19L;
    250BPH: 700g        Returnable 19L;
    450BPH: 250g 12L;
    550BPH: 180g 10L
    600BPH: 150g   8L;
    Bottle Vol. 8 ~ 20 Litre
    Cavity 1 Cavity
    Bottle Diameter <=290 mm
    Outer Neck Diameter 45~55 mm (*1)
    Bottle Height <=530 mm
    Cooling Water Water Pressure 3~5 Bar
    Water Flow 5000L/h
    Temperature 6-10 0C
    Chiller Capacity 18000 Kcal/h
    Air Driving Air 0.0 m3/min (when recycle used)
    Blowing Air 26~30Bar, <=3.0 m3/min. (*2)
    Power Total Power 39.7 Kw
    Heater Power 32 Kw
    Machine Dimension see below diagram
    Weight 3300 kgs
    Interface Air Inlet G3/4″
    Water Inlet G3/4″
    Price (FOB Shanghai) for machine only (no mold included) N/A
    Price (FOB Shanghai) for mold (1 Cavity) N/A
    Complete Equipment List for PET Bottle Blow Molding >>>
    Delivery Time 75 Days
    Payment Term 30% T/T advance as deposit, balance 70% by L/C at sight.

    (*1) — different necks one same machine needs extra charge on parts to fit necks.

    (*2) — depending on bottle size and operating condition. Rated output of air compressor should be at least 50% higher than this value.