Pudong VS600 Allround

Our new stretch blow 3/4 automatic Machine operates with one single cavity mould with the extensice range of bottle blowing from 100 – 5000mL. It opens for the investor the possibility to build a large spread of PET-Bottles/Container Products.

Please note, that the cycle- and heatingtimes are steady to obtain and keep the best production profile

The manual Feed-In permits at economic investmentcosts a large variation of diameters of the openings and shapes by unskilled operators.

Extension possible up to 10000ml

Design Features

  • Higher Output (70% higher in average)
    600BPH vs 200~250BPH for 5.0L bottle;
    900BPH vs 400~600BPH for 0.5L bottle.
  • Much More Safety, and Easier Operation
    No need to insert heated preforms (hot & difficult!) into blow mold by hand (dangerous!) or take molded bottles out of blow mold (dangerous!).
  • Less Dependence on Operator, Steady Production
    What the operator needs to do is feed cold preforms only (before heating). Once time setting is fixed, machine will continue production independently at fixed output.
  • Wider Application
    Neck Range: dia.20~120mm, Volume Range: 100ml~5000ml With one machine, you can produce almost all kinds of common PET bottles.
  • Less Mold Cost
    As VS600 works single cavity blow mold. The mold cost is relatively lower than previous 2 cavity blow mold.
Model Pudong VS-600 Allround
General Heater Type Infrared
Capacity BPH 0.5L, 900BPH
1.0L, 850BPH
1.5L, 800BPH
5.0L, 600BPH
Bottle Vol. L 0.1 ~ 5.0
Cavity 1
Max. Bottle Dia. mm 180
Neck Diameter mm 20 ~ 120
Max. Bottle Height mm 350
Clamping Unit Clamping Force KN 150
Platen Stroke mm 210
Distance between Tie-bars mm 544×224(580×260)
Mold Thickness mm 260 (Fixed)
Air / Power Driving Pressure Bar 8 (Stretch & Blow)
+ 4 (Others)
Driving Air Consumption m3/min. 0~0.6 (Optional Air Saving Device)
Blowing Pressure Bar 20 ~ 30
Blowing Air Consumption m3/min. 5.0L: 1.1m 3/min.;
1.5L: 0.6m 3/min.;
0.5L: 0.35m3/min.
Heater Power kW 20
Weight Machine Weight (Heater Built-in) kg 1500
Dimension Machine Dim. (Heater Built-in) m 2.0×1.2×1.9
Others No. of Preform Seat Pcs 24